For passages up to 3 m

24 Vdc | intensive use

  • 24 Vdc electromechanical barrier for intensive use, equipped with a control unit with integrated receiver, built-in battery charger and 115/230 Vac, 50/60 Hz switching power supply
  • Electric motor with brushless technology that guarantees highest performance, reliability, fluid movements and a very long lifespan of the operator. This represents the ideal solution in contexts requiring a particularly intensive use (Mean Cycles Between Failures = 5 million cycles)
  • Oil lubricated metal reductions and gear in bronze alloy allow minimising the wear process
  • The upper cover allows a fast access to the control unit, it is characterised by a lock with a personalised key for the opening and hinges that facilitate the installation and the wiring operations
  • RGB Led lights integrated in the cover and on the arm, with the possibility to work as a flashing light, a presence light with fixed colour, settable through the wiring. Through the accessory DIVA.TL, it is possible to adjust the colour of the lights according to the boom position (traffic light function)
  • Illumination and light diffusion systems on both the cover and the arm designed to guarantee the maximum visibility in every direction and work as footpath lights under the arm itself
  • Built-in STC System for a precise torque management
  • Highest performance and speed (opening 0.9 s, slowdowns excluded
  • Easy installation and possibility of quick connection for operation of opposed barriers, thanks to the SIS accessory board
  • Possibility to install FTC.S photocells using concealed system so that they are perfectly integrated
  • Designed for the connection of the X.BE accessory in order to be integrated with KNX domotics installations and the programming through the app BeUP and the interface PRO.UP


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