BeMOVE system to manage automatic access remotely and more. Through scenario management, use of time-band devices or activation of controls through the smartphone GPS function, this system does everything that you want, when you want it and especially when you are absent.

Quick and easy to configure the system thanks to the integrated installation guides and step-by-step tutorials.

The system has a central gateway (HOOP) which acts as the interface between the application and the associated products (automation devices for gates, garage, lights, etc.).
Communication via radio between HOOP and the managed entrances can take place in two ways: bidirectional, through 868 MHz transceivers (g.MOVE) installed in objects and automation devices to control, or monodirectional, by using the consolidated Benincà 433.92 MHz receivers.

  • Remote activation and control of devices
    You can open and close the automation device and check its status easily from the application. No more need to check in person whether you have left the lights on or the gate open: BeMOVE will check for you at any time.
  • Control through GPS
    Store your location and set the range, then you can send a command to activate the automation devices. It’s never been so easy to return home.
  • Manage access credentials by time bands
    Choose who to let in and when. Using the time-band function you can authorise users to manage, check and control a specific automation device. A genuine access control system for your home, office or company.
  • Planned events
    this function foresees the possibility of programming the automatic command of the connected automations by creating unique or weekly events and associating an opening or closing command. In the creation of a weekly event, it is possible to programme different events for every single day repeating all the weeks identical to each other.
  • Temporal enablement of users
    ideal for the temporal or isolated access of some users, this function allows enabling the access to certain users without them having necessarily to sign up or download the app. The notification of the access possibility is carried out by sharing a link that allows the recipients to open a web page, from which they can command the selected devices within the set up time frame.
  • Scenery creation
    this function allows adding to the list of the single devices a group including one of more of them. In this way, with a single action, it is possible to carry out a simultaneous command of various devices, which can be different for each device. Each scenery can be subject to all the functions of the advanced programming like the planned events, timeslots for the access, temporal enablement, widgets or the command through GPS positioning.
  • Widget components
    with the goal of allowing the rapid command of some of the automations associated to the gateway Hoop, we have created the function “adding to the widget” of the operating systems Apple or Android. From the setting of a single device inside the app BE.MOVE, the option of adding to the system widget is now available. Once the widget of the app BE.MOVE has been activated, the buttons for the rapid command of the automations will be shown. You can have access to these buttons without opening the app.


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