The market need to integrate Video-Systems to Perimeter Devices was the inspiration to create SYNAPSES which is practically a new "super-sensor" system capable of taking advantage of the embedded AI to harmonize the performance of the whole perimeter protection solution.

SYNAPSES performs various video-analysis algorithms, including Deep-Learning. The FoV (Field of View) of each connected camera can be deployed into 8 different areas and paired to 32 field devices. It is able to distinguish within the video flow (via RTSP IP video stream) different targets such as a human, a car or an animal. The response is sent back to the sensor, which will dynamically adapt the actual thresholds to optimize its own detection behavior.

SYNAPSES performs an intelligent analysis of the field, suggesting the sensors how to better adjust the set-up parameters in order to finely tune the sensitivity. The result is an enhanced capability of detection along with a reduction of False Alarm Rates.



SYNAPSES new multisensor system

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