IntellyScan is an innovative solution that transforms attendance registration, access control and booking activities into automated managed services according to different needs.


  • Automatically and securely manages access to selected buildings, areas or rooms.
  • It allows users to manage booking services such as rooms, desks, etc. in the app.
  • It allows the tracking and recording of times for any activity that needs it.
  • It is modular and can be integrated with any existing access control configuration, making it cost-effective and quickly implemented.
  • The use of smart switches allows you to automatically manage the opening of existing automatic doors, gates or turnstiles.
  • It allows the complete management and monitoring of your security system remotely.
  • Advanced video analytics services are available for data collection and machine learning.
  • Comply with the regulations on privacy and data protection, applying the treatment of biometric data according to art. 9, par. 1 of the GDPR.

IntellyScan offers a wide range of solutions to protect people's safety using techniques and methods developed specifically for the treatment and management of personal data:

WE CONTROL access flows to buildings and protected areas
WE RECORD ATTENDANCE by interfacing with personnel management systems
WE MONITOR AND PROTECT corporate environments and resources

With IntellyAccess, the mobile application for smartphones, we manage the consent and processing of particular biometric data thanks to a sharing and explicit consent system carried out directly within the application.


IntellyScan is a SaaS solution that allows you to keep up with the times and technologies thanks to the possibility of activating additional modules at any time, thus safeguarding the initial investment.

The distributed intelligence architecture allows you to centrally control and manage sites both online and offline.

IntellyScan is a complete system capable of managing attendance detection, access control, automation and artificial intelligence through the use of tablets, relays and cameras.

Made for small and large companies, IntellyScan easily adapts to the needs of any company or activity thanks to the possibility of easily activating new modules and adding new users or terminals.



It manages entrance tablets for access control and attendance detection through the use of the IntellyAccess mobile application and thanks to the local server and intelligent relays it is possible to manage the automation of doors, turnstiles and use facial recognition functions through the use of compatible cameras.


The standard version removes all the limitations of the starter version by adding the ability to use badges and fingerprints, manage offline attendance registration, booking and time tracking services.


Get the maximum performance with the premium version that offers advanced surveillance services thanks to artificial intelligence and video analysis and allows you to use the API library for integration with third-party applications and CRMs.


• User data;
• Management of buildings, floors, rooms and desks;
• Profiles and groups;
• Management of reservation policies;
• Management of time slots;
• Reservation of rooms, desks and equipment;
• Management of invitations to meeting participants;
• Access management;
• Access log and controls;
• Time tracking;
• Visitor registration and entry;
• Activation/Deactivation of Controls;
• Enabling sending of emails on events;
• Setting door lock/unlock, relay activation, etc. about events
• Management of biometric data;
• Registration of badges and fingerprints;
• Verification of the presence of mandatory PPE for access to particular areas; • Control of residence times in particular areas;
• Control of the crowding of the area;
• Wireless connection of the doors to the access control system;
• Use of a single badge for presence and access;
• Update of access authorizations online and in real time;
• Real-time video analysis;


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