Fluorine Free Foam Lithium Battery Extinguisher - "Fluorine Free" - 22066-915

The first fire extinguisher approved in Italy as "Fluorine Free" for the protection of people and the environment. Suitable for extinguishing Lithium-ion batteries with 6 Litre Lith-M FX fluorine-free foam extinguishing agent. Class ABF + Lithium 750wh. Manufactured in accordance with EN 3-7. MED 2014/90/EU approved, certified according to the Pressure Equipment Directive PED 2014/68/EU, manufactured in accordance with production controls according to EN 3-10. The extinguisher has been tested on Lithium Batteries with capacity 36 V - 750 W/h - 20,1 Ah. Manufactured with sustainable extinguishing agents and in line with REACH regulations (absence of PFOA and PFAS). Details and contacts: https://www.emme-italia.com/en/fluorine-free-6-l-foam-fire-extinguisher-stop-combustion-lithium-battery-model-22066-915

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