RouteHELP-4G.2P-VD - Audio/video help point for emergency calls (SOS) with LTE/4G connection for signalling emergencies on motorways which, as an option, can be powered by a photovoltaic panel with battery backup.
It is housed in a vandal-proof IP66 container made of glass-filled polyester suitable for use in marine environments and corrosive atmospheres. On the front panel there is a microphone, a 3W loudspeaker, a colour camera, a button for the medical emergency call and one for the mechanical emergency call which, when pressed, activate a call with the central post where the operator station unit is installed.
It ensures a hands-free conversation of excellent quality thanks to the microphone signal dynamic compression, background noise cancellation, anti-Larsen and echo cancellation filters implemented in the software.
It can manage a centralised diagnostic system that can constantly monitor the SOS unit system and highlight any malfunctions. This option also includes the possibility of modifying the configuration parameters remotely and updating the firmware version of the unit remotely without the need to access the help point.


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