Euro28dinE is a telephone switchboard that manages 2 analog lines, 8 internal BCA extensions, expandable up to 3 lines and 12 internal extensions, intercom interface with 2 call buttons and 2 controlled switches.
Mounting: on the wall or on a din bar
2 wires for each standard telephone
4 wires for each system or standard telephone
Maximum consumption: 15W per module
Dimensions: 215x120x68mm (12 din modules)

Functions and services:
Bridge - transfer with operator.
Connection with amplifier (opt. With IDS).
Connection with intercom.
Timed diversion - secretary function.
DISA - direct call to the internal branch from the outside.
Bridge / DOSA - hooking up of an external line from another external one.
HOT-LINE - automatic call.
Caller ID (WHO IS) on the external line (CLI).
LCR - choice of the most convenient operator.
Music on hold.
Paging - with system telephone.
POS - direct connection of the outgoing external line.
Programming from telephone keypad.
Protections on mains input.
Protections on telephone line inputs.
2 relays controlled by internal or external branches.
Fax and modem recognizer.
ROOM MONITOR - environmental listening.
Common phonebook of 79 numbers.
Night service at weekly time slots.
Wakes up.
Teleprogramming with telephone keypad.
Automatic call transfer to external line.


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