Ksenia Security - lares 4.0

lares comes from Latin and means “Lari”: in Ancient Rome they were the divinities who protected the domus, the home. What better name for a family of Security control panels?

The new lares 4.0 Control Panel is the perfect and most advanced solution in the age of digitalization (IoT), both for Security (Intrusion, Access Control and Video Surveillance) and Home & Building Automation.
All control panels are hybrid (both wired and wireless) and are provided with the same number of inputs and outputs, for lights, HVAC, irrigation, shutter blinds and any other kind of automation or household appliance, involving both Security and Home & Building Automation.

Unbelievable power

The lares 4.0 Platform has been developed and manufactured with unprecedented characteristics of power, calculation speed and capacity of memory calculation.

Maximum Reliability

The lares 4.0 Control Panel is designed to optimally take the strictest installation and management conditions and for the most “sensitive” applications. It is certified by the European standards EN50131 - Grade 3, supported by the quality marks IMQ (Italy), Incert (Belgium) and SBSC (Scandinavia).

lares 4.0 is available in the following sizes: 16, 40, 96, 140 and 644 but, regardless of the chosen version, the motherboard comes with the Ethernet port already on board, an SD card slot, 8 input terminals + 2 configurable inputs or outputs and a 4G-LTE add-on module.

The control panel can be managed by the end-user through an App called lares 4.0 and can be programmed by the Installer via any mobile terminal, thanks to the Ksenia Pro App.

Ksenia Pro App can also centralize and geo-locate all the control panels installed, offering the best assistance to the end user, by receiving push notifications.


The Ksenia SecureWeb APP allows the installer to have  his own APP Ksenia Pro that enables him to set up the control panel through whichever mobile device (even the smartphone), connecting it through the QR code reading, its registration with geolocation and push notifications.
Moreover, Ksenia Pro lets you manage and update the Ksenia installer profile using the points accumulated through the loyalty programme; centralize different systems and have easy access to the technical documentation as well as to the news section for the last news about Ksenia, everything thanks to the push notifications.


For the first time the User himself, through this new application, without asking to his Installer, can safely manage his residence, his office, commercial or industrial building.

A single APP in fact allows to monitor all Security Aspects (Intrusion, VideoSorveillance, Access Control) and simultaneously to manage Home Automation or BMS (Building Management System) from his smartphones or tablet.



Description of lares 4.0 main functions

Input section

Each control panel has 8 programmable inputs and 2 terminals that can be configured as inputs or outputs. Furthermore, a special connector is available for connecting the protections against opening and removal of the control unit from the wall. Depending on the model, the number of inputs can be expanded up to a maximum of 644, using the various auxi expansion modules, the ergo keypads for wired zones or wireless detectors. Each input is programmable according to one’s own needs: no control panel on the market offers so much flexibility. The IP zones represent a new mode of operation allowing you to trigger an alarm of one single zone through a device capable of generating an HTTP GET request. The revolution is in being able to use just one device to detect the movement of an
intruder, activate an alarm and access the screenshots.
In fact, configuring the IP zone with a camera, the latter sends an alarm signal every time it detects a movement. So, the camera acts as a detection sensor, triggers the alarm and provides images, showing the intrusion to the control panel.
This implementation also opens new important integration scenarios: IP zones, in fact, allow you to associate not only cameras, but also other devices able to send this type of signals.

Output section

The number of outputs can be expanded up to a maximum of 644 by using the various auxi expansion modules, the ergo keypads or the wireless modules auxi wls. Each output can be programmed according to the needs: polarity, mode, times, activations. Everything easily suits to any installation need.

Ethernet connectivity

In compliance with Ksenia philosophy, the IP interface is already integrated in the motherboard: a solution that allows you to comfortably manage the control panel from anywhere in the world from any internet connection. It is possible to program the control panel, perform all the management operations available in the system through the integrated installer WEB-SERVER, connecting to the Ksenia SecureWeb cloud for the remote management and programming via mobile APP. The system is protected by a triple security: all remote operations require password entry, the data are sent over the network under encrypted protocol and finally it is possible to disable remote access at any time or limit
its functionality. In addition the system is able to send e-mails, synchronize the clock via NTP protocol, manage a P2P connection with the DNS ksenia, send the events to the telecommunications centers via the SIA DC009 protocol and much more without the need for hardware or additional licenses. Finally, the network port is the best way to expand the functions of the control panel: remote communication via the gemino IoT with 4G-LTE module, user control via ergo-T and ergo-T plus touchscreens, integration with third-party systems.

ONVIF Compatibility

On each version of the lares 4.0 Control Panels, cameras compatible with the ONVIF protocol (Open Network Video Interfaces Forum) can be integrated without the need for additional cards or hardware. Without the need to perform port mapping on the router, it is possible to send screenshots when an alarm occurs or see what happens in the protected areas in real time..

Power control

lares 4.0 monitors both the external power supply voltage and the battery voltage: periodically it checks its efficiency and alerts in case of problems. Moreover, in case of prolonged power failure, lares has a battery disconnection function to prevent deep discharges: the control panel, before “autoshutdown”, performs all the necessary checks, stores the date and time of the event going in stand-by in security. In this case even the sirens will not sound, avoiding unnecessary disturbances. When the power returns, everything will be restored as before, including the status of the outputs!

KS-BUS interface
All the panels have a KS-BUS interface for connecting Ksenia peripherals, which allow to expand the capabilities and functionalities of the control panel. In the wireless versions, the panels have a double BUS on board, the speed is doubled and isolation is also guaranteed even in case of severe failure of one of the two BUS.

Communication add-on

The communication add-ons can be connected to the control panel board: one for the mobile part (GSM/GPRS or 4G/LTE), the other one for the PSTN part.

Unlimited Memory

All the panels have a 4GB eMMC memory to save programming data, event logs, updated device firmware, screenshots of IP cameras.


Each zone can be freely associated to a partition to simplify its management, depending on the model up to 30 partitions are available. For each partition it is possible to program the entry, exit, warning, patrol times and define different entry modes.

Voice messages

On the control panel it is possible to register a virtually unlimited number of different voice messages, with hundreds of minutes of recording; they allow to warn the user in case of alarm or failure (with a personalized message for each zone).
The voice messages are generated by a textto- speech (TTS) synthesis engine: it is available thanks to the Loquendo® libraries (*) and released by a “one-off” license. You can use the licenses purchased on USB key that are compatible with traditional lares, for the generation in local connection, or buy a new one with scratch card for generation via Ksenia SecureWeb (therefore remotely via APP).

Rooms / Maps

Enduser has at his disposal a logical organization subdivided into rooms, so that he can interact with numerous features configured on his control panel. Each device that has been programmed on the system (sensors, outputs, scenarios, cameras, etc.), in fact, can be combined with one or more rooms. With the APP lares 4.0, opening the display for rooms in the section SMART HOME, it is possible to see each element, previously configured, in that room and be immediately in control wherever you are. But there is more than that! Each room can be linked with an image, a picture of the space or a layout where each device can be placed exactly where it is physically located. With one simple click, through the user WebServer, you can move from one corner of your house to the other, without having to get up from your couch!


#hashtags are a necessary tool of work when you need to implement replicated programming. After all, they are simply labels which allow to operate on several homogeneous objects at the same time. So, to create a scenario to switch off all the lights, you do not need to program a long list of actions that should act on a single output. It will be enough to create #hashtag #light, associate it to all related outputs and write down just one instruction that turns off all the #light. The same facility is also available for zones, users and user interfaces management!

Programmable logics

Any request received from your Customer, even the most demanding ones, can be satisfied thanks
to the Programmable logics. Try to put together hundreds of different events and arrange them with AND/OR operators: it will take few seconds to make the features of lares 4.0 more flexible and surprising!

Access control

The access control section, already integrated on the lares 4.0, is also highly developed. In fact, the control panel is able to manage over 1000 users to whom it is possible to associate PINs to be used in the keypad or RF-ID tags. The user can interact with the system by having up to 64 user interfaces (keypads and proximity readers), which allow a management of every gate. Each user can be assigned to one of 7 different access levels, with different privileges: from the administrator who has complete control of the system, to the minimum level which is only allowed to activate a scenario. From lares 4.0 app it is possible, for administrators and masters users, to manage the authorizations and configurations of other users, as long as they belong to the same partitions.


Thanks to the temperature and humidity sensor of domus, the central panel offers to enduser a sophisticated control of heating and air-conditioning of rooms. Each control panel can manage up to 40 independent chronothermostats, each one of them can operate over independent air-conditioning devices or thermostatic valves. The easy management through APP lares 4.0 for user, or even from ergo-T touch keyboard, joins an exceptional level of functions: from a trivial manual management of temperature up to the programming of weekly programmes divided into time slots and advanced energy saving modes. Of course, both heating and air-conditioning can be set according to the season. Finally, the possibility of controlling humidity of environment, because 360 degree management of comfort is a must-have!

Lots of new security features and integrated home automation

integrated home automation Not only is the platform easily integrated into any logic of Home Integration & Automation, but it is also the absolute protagonist being perfectly able to manage the home automation applications you have always dreamed of for your home without the need for PC or complicated programs. Below is a list of some home automation applications that do not include intrusion: lighting, heating, air conditioning systems, irrigation systems, automation and load control, fire detection and suppression system, audio and video entertainment, audio and video surveillance, access control.
The control panel also allows the acquisition of a new programming without restarting the system, any modification does not change the status of the system. New functions have been added to expand the potential of the control panel, such as hashtags per zones, outputs, users and user interfaces: a single label to manage even 644 outputs in one go! Many new features on scenarios, such as the possibility to exclude and include zones, enable or disable users, manage 4 modes of entry (manual override, forced with exclusion, forced with alarm, certified EN50131). Moreover the behaviour of the
scenario can even be variable depending on the localization (local or remote): for example, opening a door remotely requires the insertion of a PIN while locally it takes simply to press a button! All this without losing control of the intrusion, today even more powerful but simplified in many aspects to facilitate the Installer’s work.

Firmware update remotely

Both the control panel firmware and all the peripheral devices connected via the KS-BUS can be simply updated in a few seconds. It is not necessary to make any special connections, nor to insert jumpers or switch off the system or peripherals: the firmware is already in the control panel which downloads it by itself at every update from the Ksenia SecureWeb. The update is done by simply pressing a button and it is safe. All Ksenia Security devices have a unique firmware update technology: the dual-firmware-mode. A copy of the new firmware is saved on the device (control panel) that needs to be updated. Once the copy is finished (it can be done during normal system operation) the device checks the new firmware using a CRC (Cyclic-Redundancy-Check): if it is correct, it will start using the new firmware; otherwise it will continue to use the old code, ensuring maximum reliability even in case of interruption of the transmission. In practice all Ksenia Security systems are backwards compatible, new features or functions available in the future can be added also to existing systems without the need to modify or replace the peripherals themselves.

Future devices: scalability

This special update management ensures that, once a lares control panel is installed, it will be compatible with all future Ksenia Security devices, without any need to replace the control panel, simply by updating its firmware.

The future ahead of us

lares 4.0 is an evolutionary platform that will allow us to always add new and innovative functions oriented to Security, access control and Home & Building Automation. Feedbacks from our customers are important to give the right priorities to all the functions we intend to add from time to time and identify new ones. lares platform has been constantly enriched with functions from 2011 until 2015, absorbing most of the R & D resources. We expect the lares 4.0 platform to follow the same path!

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