868,19 MHz rolling code.

Ergonomic and stylish: 4 colours available. It can also be a handy and latest state-of-the-art key fob.

Rolling code
Secure encoding with a 128 bit algorithm. Plug-in or stand alone options with radio receivers, up to 4 channels. Removable memory up to 2.000 users max. Distance: 250 m (open space).

The transmission of the radio signal is bidirectional, there is a feedback on the transmitter confirming reception of the signal.

Radio link
Extension of the distance of a transmitter radio signal by creating a radio link between several radio receivers.

The RED VIX 53 equipment allows for protection key codes to be entered on to the transmitters and radio receivers. SOFTVIXARE enables the creation of a data base and manages complex installations: at a distance it is possible to add, replace or delete a transmitter from the system in case of theft or loss.

Possibility for a transmitter to be copied, replaced or cancelled at a distance from the installation system.

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