Electromechanical geared motor operator for residential and industrial applications.
• 0,5 HP MAX 1.200 kg | 230 Vac
• 1 HP MAX 1.800 kg | 230 Vac
• 0,5 HP MAX 1.250 kg | 230/400 Vac
• 1 HP MAX 1.850 kg | 230/400 Vac

Powerful and stylish
230 Vac and 400 Vac geared motor operator, coupling of worm and bronze crown gear in oil bath, on ball bearings.

Aluminium gear box and cover are a total guarantee of long life over the time. Release by the aluminium handle by a key.

Anti-crush system by the combined action of the encoder and amperometric detection of obstacles reversing gate travel. Electronic brake, acceleration and deceleration on each cycle.

Full range of models with various types of electric motors. The electronic control unit can be incorporated inside NYOTA 115 EVO or stand alone in a polycarbonate box. Gate travel is simple to program by a button. Master/slave function available for operating bi-parting sliding gates.

Tested and certified
CE marking following type tests.

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