Gas measuring, monitoring and warning controller based on state-of-the-art micro-technology for continuous monitoring of the ambient air to detect toxic and combustible gases, refrigerants or oxygen.

The MSC2 Multi-Sensor-Controller is designed for the connection of max. 3 sensors in total, max. 2 of them may be different sensors of the SC2 series via local bus and/or max. 3 of them analog sensors with 4–20 mA signal. As an option, an ATEX-compliant SSAX1-2 sensor (zone 2) can be connected to the SC2 slot Local Bus_1 (X21), in which case no other sensors can be connected. The controller monitors the measured values and activates the alarm relays if the set alarm thresholds for pre-alarm and main alert are exceeded. In addition, the values are provided for direct connection to the BMS via an RS-485 interface and also as 4–20 mA output.

The SIL2 compliant self-monitoring function in the board and in the connected sensor activates the fault message in case of an internal error as well as in case of a fault in the local bus communication (SC2/SSAX1-2) and/or at the 4–20 mA input / output current signals.
Other options such as LCD display, 3-color status LED, buzzer, digital input for acknowledgment or test function, various communication protocols ensure proper adaptation to the wide range of applications in gas detection technology. For convenient commissioning the MSC2 can be pre-configured and parametrised with factory-set defaults.


The PolyGard®2 series MSC2 is designed for detection and warning of toxic and combustible gases, refrigerants or oxygen in many commercial and industrial applications.
In industrial applications with increased electromagnetic interference fields, technical malfunctions may occur with the MSC2.

PolyGard®2 Multi-Sensor-Controller MSC2

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