Measuring, warning and controlling device series for toxic, combustible gases and vapours as well as refrigerants.
The DGC-06 Digital-Gas-Controller is designed in accordance with the standard EN 50545-1, among others. It can monitor and manage up to 128 gas sensors, that means 96 digital PolyGard®2/PolyXeta®2 and/or 32 analog (4–20 mA) sensors.
4 free adjustable alarm thresholds are provided per sensor. For the alarm messages the controller system offers up to 128 relays with potential-free change-over contact and up to 16 analog outputs with 4–20 mA signal.
The free adjustable parameters and set points enable a very flexible use in the gas measuring technique. Simple and comfortable commissioning, however, is granted by the configuration with default parameters.
Configuration, parameterization and operation are easy to do directly at the controller without special programming knowledge due to the logical, simple menu structure. The PCE06 Software enables the loading, changing and storing of the application parameters via a serial interface.
The DGC-06 is equipped with a self-monitoring system, with power failure message as well as with a functional control of the registered digital/analog sensors according to the requirements of the gas measuring technique. In addition, the DGC-06 is available with a battery backed, uninterruptible power supply incl. low voltage control.
The optional data logger permits to protocol all measured values, alarms and faults.
Different interface und protocol options are available for the connection to a superior BMS.


The DGC-06 is used for the monitoring and warning of toxic and combustible gases and vapours as well as of Freon refrigerants within a wide range of the gas measurement technique. Numerous adjustable parameters and setpoints permit individual adaptation to many applications.
The DGC-06 fulfils the functions of monitoring carbon monoxide (CO) in garages, tunnels and cart tracks etc. according to the current EN 50545-1.
In addition, the functions of leakage monitoring in refrigeration plants are fulfilled in accordance with the requirements of EN 378, VBG 20 and the guideline “Safety requirements for ammonia refrigeration plants”.

PolyGard®2 Digital-Gas-Controller DGC-06

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