DIN SPEC 91414 & IWA14 Standard - Pilomat Road Blocker Mobile RBM

NEW: Road Blocker Mobile RBM certified according to DIN SPEC 91414-1 The mobile Road Blocker M30 presented was successfully tested in August and now has a full certificate according to DIN SPEC 91414-1:2021. The DIN SPEC is the latest and strictest standard that defines extensive requirements for mobile vehicle barriers. In addition to the classic impact test, it also includes a displacement test and a manipulation test. In addition, the mobile Road Blocker M30 is certified according to the international standard IWA 14-1:2013, classification M30 (truck 7.5 t at 50 km/h), so that it meets all national and international requirements. Mobile vehicle blockers secures driveways and access to open-air events and effectively prevents vehicles from smashing through.

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